If you don’t see your question, please ask.

Shipping is currently flat rate.   The more you buy the less it costs you for each item!   Priority shipping tracked and $100 insurance included.

$12.80 Canada
$18 US
$20 International with the disclosure that it I’m going to “lose my shirt” in shipping I’ll let you know.

Returns accepted as long as the item has not been worn and you ship it back at your cost.

Where is your store located?     You’re in the store right now buddy, this is it.   We’re completely online, but we’re able to deliver items to your door  (or PO Box for us country folk) as if by magic.

How do your shirts fit?   I chose shirts that fit grown-up ladies.   For example, I wear a large from something at Reitmans, Walmart and Maurices and I wear a large Stride Wear (in any design).    If anything fits smaller than the average here I will indicate that.

You don’t have my size, can you get it?   Yes!  We order often and can order our prints in your size, just let me know what you need.

Questions?   Email info@stridewear.ca