A mother of two young boys, barrel racer and business owner, Linsday Golby knows a few things about staying present and riding the stride.  We’re proud to have Lindsey on the Stride Wear Ambassador team and we’d like you to get to know her a little better here too. 

SW:  Lindsey, in your application you stated that #ridethestride meant showing up in all forms. Where in your life have you done this?

Lindsey: With showing up in all forms it means to me showing up at the stage you are at in life with whatever you are working on and being grateful for where you are at instead of comparing yourself and letting fear or self doubt hold you back. By showing up in all forms you can either be showing up as a beginner or experienced with whatever it pertains to but knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to me at that time and just being present in that moment and striving to do your best with where you are at. For me I feel a good example was when I entered the CBHI futurity and superstakes event for the first time, I knew the competition was going to be tough but I was just grateful to be able to enter and be there even though I had a lot of self doubt at the time with myself and my horse as a team. Looking back now I am so grateful for the experience I have gained and the path I am on because I got out of my comfort zone and just started somewhere, and even though the journey is still slower then what my mind thinks it should be I am trusting that what I need to do is to just keep showing up at whatever I am working towards. At that time I showed up in a form which I thought was not ideal,  but I am just so grateful I showed up where I was at and that I have shifted my mindset of how I think I should show up.

SW:  You also shared that it is important for us to recognize that everything does not need to be perfect in order for us to move forward and achieve our goals, what is an example of this that you have overcome in your life?

Lindsey:  In the past I have always been stuck on things needed to be perfect before I could do more or achieve the goals I had set out for. A big shift for me with this was when I competed at my first fitness competition, prior to getting on stage at this event I had set myself up to do a competition I think it was at least three times and then I had backed out because my training or nutrition was not exactly as I had envisioned it and so I convinced myself I was not going to able to do good or I was not going to be ready. From those experiences, I felt very discouraged and frustrated with myself. It was a long journey but I finally released the idea of perfectionism and just worked towards doing the best I could at the time in my life and got on stage, this was one of my most positive shifts in that I realized you don’t have to be perfect in showing up you just have to continually show up. Everything I do now is about progress even if it’s small steps and even if it doesn’t directly pertain to the goal you are working on but just progress in your life. I have found it very empowering to just make small progress but see what you have achieved even if it’s not what you think you need to be achieving at that time. I have come along ways in personal growth by just continually working on things or even starting over on things that are important to me or get me closer to my goals and no longer feel I fail by having to start over.

SW:  Can you share some advice for those who are just learning to #ridethestride?

Lindsey:  For anyone who is just learning to ride the stride I would say make working on your mindset an everyday practice because if you work on your mindset it is going to show up in all areas in a positive way.

SW:  As a Mom of two young kids, a business owner. wife and barrel racer,  how do you manage all that and do you have any advice for others in the same situation?

Lindsey: This is an area I am still navigating through each day, my biggest goal is balance and working towards being truly present in each area as best I can be at that moment while still doing what I can in other areas. I am continually working on time management and figuring out what works best for me and my family, getting up earlier in the mornings I have found makes a big difference in my day but it is still dependant on how my night with my baby goes. I am fortunate to have supportive family and friends that are there when I need an extra hand and I am very lucky to work with great people. The best thing for myself has been to release expectations on myself and others, I do my best with what I can and just redirect if I need to and continue to work towards my goals at the pace that fits. I am working towards just loving the process of everything instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Thank you Lindsey for sharing part of your journey with us.   I think there are some great tips within here others can take and learn from too.    We appreciate you.